Measuring Your Feet

If you are unsure of the Size you normally wear in any of those 'Sizing Types', then measuring your feet length will provide a guide as to what size footwear you need to order.
Following the simple guide below, measure 'both feet'. You will most likely find one foot is slightly longer than the other, which is quite normal. Then find your boot size on the Oliver Size Chart by comparing your foot measurement.
Please be aware that most Wide Load customers have always over compensated in other work boot brands to find extra width. Knowing Wide Load is much wider than traditional brands you may need to consider going back down to your size for the length of your foot.

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1. You'll Need A Large Piece Of Paper.
2. Stand With Your Heel Against A Flat Wall
3. Mark The Longest Distance From Your Heel To The Tip Of Your Toe. - Then Measure It

Measuring Tips

  • Always do both feet as quite often one foot is slightly longer than the other. (Use the longest measurement)
  • Always measure with socks or stockings on if shoes or boots are to be worn with them.
  • If the measuring result you get is 'in between' - go up a size.
  • If your feet have an unusually high instep or you have wider than normal feet, take the time to send us a message via 'contact the seller' before placing your order. We will be able to provide more information and advise you of alternatives.



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